EP72 -Caring for the Planet

  • July 6, 2017
caring for the planet
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Caring Planet

Our caring planet cares for us.  Do you care for it?  Show recap:

  • A couple of days ago, I took my daughter to an IMAX showing of a documentary called A Beautiful Planet.
  • The movie was shot from the International Space Station.
  • It was neat, impressive, and visually stunning.
  • Our planet is quite beautiful.
  • My daughter, however, did not like this movie.
  • The movie’s theme was about how attractive the earth is, but at the same time, it was about destruction and the harm that humans are doing.
  • They were specifically talking about the ice shield and glaciers melting at an alarming pace.
  • At this continued rate, the sea levels will rise, and they gave an example how the entire city of New Orleans will be submerged.
  • I was disappointed that she did not enjoy the nice things about the film, but at the same time, I am glad that she has some awareness of the planet.
  • My wife and I try to be the best role models for conserving energy, reusing, or recycling.
  • My wife is a rock star in this area.
  • It’s amazing how none of this stuff is in our mind.
  • Are we mostly focused on ourselves and our egos?
  • I suppose when we are not self absorbed, we just try to entertain ourselves.
  • I only ever hear about the state of the planet from scientists.
  • No one else.
  • I wonder if out planet is not so important because nurturing nature does not provide us with monetary wealth.
  • Actually, doing it harm seems to create monetary wealth.
  • We are an interesting species.



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