EP73 – The Best Goal Setting System in the World

  • July 7, 2017
best goal setting
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The Best Goal Setting System in the World

The best goal setting system I have ever seen comes from Raymond Aaron.  Here is a breakdown of a system that actually works!

  • Raymond Aaron has been on the Work Utopia Podcast, and he’s offered my listener a free digital copy of his book – Double Your Income Doing What You Love.
  • Example –  I will be get 3 new clients this month.
  • Raymond calls it a binary way of goal setting.
  • You either make it or you don’t.
  • You get your new 3 clients, or you don’t.
  • Yes/no.
  • Black/white.
  • The biggest problem with this system is failure.
  • You don’t achieve what you want, so it’s a failure.
  • Where is the motivation to keep going with this goal? It has not been ingrained in the goal setting system itself.
  • We need motivation and we need to feel like we are moving forward.
  • When you encounter failure, you want to back off and not put yourself in that situation again.
  • It’s natural.

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